The band was formed in 2007 (Malaysia) and have been gigging around which include various series of tours to Indonesia and Singapore and frontman, Myo having toured to places like Luzern, Zurich, Manchester, London, Dublin, Amsterdam, Lugano, Tokyo, Bangkok, York to name few. The band is called Oh Chentaku (translation: Oh! My love/ Pronouncing: "Ocean Taco"). The band plays rock and progressing into other influences such as punk and electro/dubstep. Oh Chentaku consists of 6 friends: Myo, Naem, Jimmy, Amber, Wawa and Jack.

Played more than 300 shows to-date and shared stages with big names such as MXPX (US), Caliban (Germany), We Are The In Crowd (US), We The Kings (US), Crossfaith (Japan), The Used (US), Story Of The Year (US), All Time Low (US), Sheila On 7 (Indonesia) and popular local acts like Yuna, Hujan, Joe Flizzow, Massacre Conspiracy and more!