When you fuse cultural with modern beats, you will get Salammusik, a band from Malaysia that  gives music a breath of fresh air, with not only addictive rhythms but also with lyrics that  yearn to be heard. Salammusik expresses ideas and emotions in significant  forms through the  elements of rhythm, melody, harmony and color. "In Malaysia we grow up with different  cultures, traditions and surroundings, this reflex in Salammusik. “When our differences become music, it blends peaceful together." Salam says.  

Salam  received  his  first  (AIM)  Music  Award  in  2010    for  the  "Best  Hip-­‐Hop  Song”.  In  2012 Salammusik received  the  most  prestigious  (AIM)  Music  Award  for  "The  Best  Album  of  the  Year”.  

In  2013  they  released  their  second  album  "O",    this  album  was  Nominated  for  "The  Best  Engineered  Album"  and  for  "The  Best  English  Song"  and  received  the  Music  Award  for  "The  Best  Hip-­‐Hop  Song".    "We  are  thankful  that  we  are  able  to  express  through  music",  says  Salam.  ”Music  brings  us  together,  it  speaks  an  universal  language  that  we  can  hear  and  feel,  Salam  means  Peace  and  that’s  what    we  bring  in  our  way.”  

Salammusik has  performed  on  festivals  in  Belgium,  United  Kingdom,  The  Netherlands, Singapore  and  Malaysia.