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Here's what the Malaysian singer wants you to know about her recording label's first music festival

By Andrea Tim | Published: 14 Feb 2017

Photo: Max Herman/NurPhoto/TPG Images

Photo: Max Herman/NurPhoto/TPG Images

Next month, Yuna will headline Lovelifest music festival alongside names like Hujan, Oh Chentaku, OAG, MASDO, Najwa Mahiaddin and Pastel Lite at Setia City Park. The music festival is the singer's way of celebrating her decade of being a singer-songwriter and bringing fans back to her indie music roots.

Here are five reasons you should go to Lovelifest, according to Yuna.

1. It's Yuna Room Records' first music festival
"YRR has been around for 10 years," she told ELLE. "We've organised a lot of my shows. This will be our first festival – an independent one – so we are pretty excited about it."

2. It's ground zero for the Malaysian indie music scene
"When I first started out, I had a lot of friends from the music industry who grew up with me. We went through a lot together and it's amazing that we are still very good friends. This festival is going to be extra special because it's pretty much like a reunion of friends getting together playing music, and it is also to promote the local indie music scene."

3. Lovelifest is a green festival
"I want my festival to be a green one, one that's friendly to the earth and that promotes a healthy lifestyle. So we're not printing paper tickets, and we encourage everyone to bring their own bags as no plastic bags will be given away at the festival venue. It will also be a no-smoking zone because we want people to bring their kids to the festival and enjoy their day at the park. In the morning before the festival, we will have a cycling event with Lerun, so anyone can come early and cycle around the park with their friends and family."

4. There will be food trucks and a bazaar
"It's going to be a good day to shop and eat. We will have some of my favourite local clothing labels, lifestyle stores and food trucks as well. My clothing store November Culture and terrarium store Tiny Forest will also be there."

5. The Coachella-worthy park is beautiful
"I want people to come and enjoy a beautiful day at the park! Bring your picnic blanket and just enjoy the day with your loved ones – that's the theme of the festival. I'm so happy we got to do it at the Setia City Park; it has that Coachella feel to it. Come in your best music festival outfit, because we will have style hunters taking photos of the most stylish festival-goers!"

Lovelifest is on from 11am on Saturday, 11 March 2017 at Setia City Park, Shah Alam. Tickets (from RM120) are now available at

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