Festival Survival Guides

First time going to a festival? Our writer Alea Zulkaply shares with us some tips to surviving your very first festival!

by Alea Zulkaply

We don’t get a lot of festivals in this country, do we? At least not the ones we imagined to be like Coachella or Lollapalooza or…Tomorrowland. Clashes of eastern values and cultures aside, when I think of a festival, images of food trucks, people crowding in front of a big stage jumping to a band rocking on stage and most importantly, overly-accessorised celebrities in boho-hippie- chicoutfits come to mind. Everything. Just. Screams, “COOL”.

Festival goers should bear in mind that what works on others may not work on you. Of course, you may accesorised to your heart’s content. Layer on those lace, frills and tassels! It is however, also important for you to BE COMFORTABLE.

First and foremost, know yourself. Do you get dehydrated easily? Are you able to handle long hours of sun exposure? Can you handle yourself walking around, sweating (I CANNOT)? If you can, bravo! But here are some things you can do to keep yourselves comfortable at LOVELIFEST:


Carry it with you at all times – bring your own bottle, get one (or two) from the food trucks – to keep yourself hydrated. Obviously, you can drink whatever you want but H20 is THE BEST.




It may seem trivial, you may think we were born under the hot sun, grew up under the hot sun and yet our skin is fine – well, it’s not. Ultraviolet rays damage skin. If you’re planning on being at the festival from the start, your skin is going to be expose longer so slap on some sunscreen on clean, dry skin before you leave the house!


You know those tiny, battery-operated portable fans? Yes. AT LEAST one person would want to borrow that little windy miracle of yours during the festival.


Preferably a small backpack or one with a long strap, to keep your phone, keys (and your portable fan) and other valuables safe with you. If carrying a bag is a hassle, wear something with pockets and forget wallets

– use a money clip to clip together your ringgits, IC and cards.


Reduce the usage of phone battery by lowering the brightness as well as closing unused apps. With all the photo and video capturing and calling up lost friends, you’ll know your battery life is as important as getting shots of your day at the festival.



  Sure, a festival is where you come to let loose and have fun but no fun can come out of neglecting the important things - staying safe. ALWAYS be alert of your surroundings as well as your belongings when you are AT the festival all the way to where you park your vehicles.


Is there anyone you haven't seen in your life following you around? 

Head counts - are all your squad members accounted for?

*hands on pockets* IS YOUR PHONE WITH YOU (the same sentiment should go to your wallet with cash, driver's license, credit cards, your IC, car keys)?

Another matter that I, the writer, feel cannot be addressed enough is, letting loose and having fun DOES NOT equal to you suddenly forgetting the proper way to dispose rubbish. We have read too many articles on the aftermath of an event with the participants leaving the grounds filled with trash. NO. Noooo. It's embarrassing. Has my tone suddenly changed now that we are talking about cleanliness? Well, yes, it has. We are responsible, educated citizens of a beautiful country. Let's be a reflection of that.

Here's a scenario: you came, you ate good food, you rocked out to great local music, you took care of yourself, the people with you AND you were nice and respectful to Mother Nature. You got home tired but safe, well-fed and happy, all ready for a shower and bed. Doesn't that feel... Awesome?